Friday, November 12, 2010

The last year

We have had much to celebrate this year. It has been a real joy to watch Seth grow and learn. We also prepared for a new baby to come into our family. Rafe Scott Ballard was born on his Great Grandfather Hyrum's birthday, October 17th. He weighed 7lbs. 7oz. and was 20 inches long. He is a handsome little baby boy! We had to build a shed to store all the the extra stuff since we are running out of space in our tiny little house. Dad spent way too much time thinking about archery and mule deer. Mom spent way too much time stressing over Seth puking!!! ;) We spent some time working out of town in Park Valley, UT. Being gone so much made it hard to keep up in our garden. Seth loved to go outside and eat strawberries out of the garden everyday. He is a 2 year old HANDFUL but is a lot of fun. He loves to wrestle with our dog Beau and also loves to yell out his name at the top of his lungs. It is hard to coordinate jumping on the trampoline and yelling at the dog at the same time. Rafe is a fussy baby and loves to scream at the top of his lungs also. Now that he is almost 4 weeks old I have figured out a few tricks to make him happy. We had to go to Toys R Us and get Seth a few things to keep him busy now that he doesn't have my undivided attention. (Hopefully it works) He was the cutest ghost for Halloween. He still doesn't quite understand Halloween though. Mom and Dad are already looking forward to a time when we can leave the boys with a sitter and maybe have just enough time to hit the drive through at McD's!!!! hahahahaha! Its been a wonderful year and I promise to try harder to post more often in the future. P.S. Facebook sucks so if you want an update on out family this is where to look! :)
Seth loves the leaves

His work of art

Sam's pumpkin
Seth was Casper for Halloween
Forget the candy and just give me a Happy Meal

Seth and Rafe

Carving pumpkins with some friends

This is what happens when Seth gets markers!

He loves his new baby brother!

Seth and Granny Venna
Rafe Scott with Uncle Scott

Cousin Eve and Rafe
Getting ready to leave the Hospital
Rafe Scott Ballard
Brooke, Grandpa Jeff, and Rafe
Grandpa Jeff holding Rafe
Me telling my parents the good news
Tears of JOY!!!!!
Seth practicing for the new baby

Seth in his new swing last spring
Getting ready to help mommy mow the grass
Cute little Wrangler butt!!

Seth with Daddy's wild rag on


Seth and Natalie said...

Hurray! Brooke, I am so happy you FINALLY posted something new! Seth has gotten so big, and he is such a cutie pie. (of couse, with a name like that...) Congrats on the new baby. He's one day older than our little guy. Crazy. We are going to Reno over Thanksgiving, maybe we could find a way to get together, it has been way too long.

Farnes and Jillian Williams said...

good job< you have done better than I have!! next time I finally find time to post its gonna be all pics!! hope all the stuff I sent ya will help w/ Seth looks like he likes the one toy already! I have more stuff for ya and we will se you soon for Thanksgiving!! Love ya

The Haskin Family!!!! said...

Brooke! Congrats! Seeing you getting to hold Rafe for the first time made me start to cry!! That moment is a long 9 months waited :) How is it with two now? Do you find it hard to give both the same amount of time? Im nervous for that time to come!!!

Miss you guys wish we saw ya more often!!
Love, The Haskin Fam!

'US' said...

Cute pictures, good to see pictures of your new little guy and of the happenings around your house. We look forward to see more pictures in the future. We hope all is well.

Ma'ama said...

Sam and Brooke,
Congratulations! I had forgotten that you were expecting Baby #2. He is so cute! The picture where Scott is holding him, Rafe looks so much like him. Good name sake! We miss you all. Thanks for the link again. Much love,
Shock and Dave

The Hulls said...

Seth is getting sooo big. Rafe is gorgeous...cutie little boys together, it's so sweet to see. Reminds me of Zach and Scott:) Good job catching up, I need to be better at that too:) Loves-